Marijuana vs. Hemp: Knowing the Difference

Due to the unprecedented rise in the popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) in recent years, several different CBD products have been developed for pain management and other treatments. However, due to their use still in infancy, many people confuse hemp with marijuana, and the two words are used interchangeably, without any distinction. As a consequence, many people are still reluctant when it comes to reaping the benefits of hemp.

The main distinction between hemp and marijuana is that hemp primarily contains CBD, whereas marijuana is primarily composed of THC. In this article, we’ll discuss what differentiates hemp from marijuana and its benefits and side effects, if any.

What’s Hemp?

Hemp is a variety of plants known as Cannabis Sativa. It’s made of 0.3% of THC, which is an intoxicating and psychoactive compound that has an effect similar to marijuana. The human body has cannabinoid receptors in the brain that deal with the memory, pleasure, thinking, and coordination of the brain.

Since marijuana contains a high concentration of THC, when you consume it, it messes with your cannabinoid receptors which is why marijuana has side effects related to memory, time perception, and coordination. Hemp contains very little amounts of THC, so it doesn’t have psychological effects similar to that of marijuana. Instead, it’s made with cannabidiol (CBD) which is a non-toxic compound.

Benefits of Hemp

There are several benefits of CBD.

  • Helps alleviate pain
  • Helps alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Helps cancer patients get relief from the side effects of their treatment like nausea
  • Helps reduce acne
  • Helps improve heart health
  • Minimizes diabetes risks

What’s Marijuana?

Marijuana contains high volumes of THC, which amounts to 30% of the total composition, making it a potent and intoxicating compound. It’s smoked in rolled cigarettes, called joints, and also smoked with bongs, which are special water pipes.

Marijuana has being used as a drug for centuries. Because of the high levels of THC it contains, it triggers a ‘high’ in the user, making them feel euphoric and relaxed temporarily.

Side Effects of Marijuana

  • Alters your senses
  • Causes mood changes
  • Disrupts thinking and remembering ability
  • Causes hallucinations and delusions if consumed in high doses
  • Responsible for psychosis
  • Can cause impaired body movement

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