CBD & Skin Care — Everything to Know

Every few years, a new trend tends to take the skincare world by storm. From chemical peels to IV drips for hydration to glass skin and snail skincare, there’s always some exciting new trend in this skincare sphere that has everyone fascinated.

Nowadays, it seems to be CBD!

And when we say it has taken the world by storm, we mean it! It’s in everything you pick. From shampoos to lotions, cream, salves, and various beauty products, everything seems to be infused with CBD. Naturally, even those of us who know little beyond basic facewash are curious now.

So, we’ve gone ahead and dug out the facts. Here’s everything you need to know.

How Does CBD Work on The Skin?

In general, research shows that cannabinoids seem to have antioxidants, as well as essential amino acids and B-complex vitamins, all of which can do wonders for the skin.

But earlier, it was believed, and rightly so, that a product had to be consumed or had to enter the bloodstream in some way to be effective. However, research has shown that our skin has an endocannabinoid system, which basically works to keep our skin balanced and healthy.

Most of our skin problems occur because of an imbalance, and CBD can interact with the endocannabinoid system in the skin to fix this imbalance and give us healthier skin.

What Skin Conditions Can CBD Help?

A lot of skincare products these days have CBD in them. This is because of some of its general benefits to the skin. It helps with acne to a certain extent—not hormonal acne, but it does improve the appearance of an acne-prone area. It’s also great at reducing inflammation which in turn means that it can help a number of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Moreover, CBD can help with any pain caused due to inflammation and can also help soothe itching. In fact, there is evidence that shows its positive effects on treating chronic itching. There are also CBD ointments currently in the market that help scarring. But there is still more research being done on CBD’s effects on healing scar tissue.

Tips for Trying CBD For Skin Care

While CBD topicals don’t really have any known side effects, it’s still a good practice to be conscious about what you’re using. This would help you stay safe and also give you effective results.

Here are a few simple tips you can follow when using CBD for skincare:

  • When using a lotion, cream, or balm with CBD, test it out on a small patch of your skin. This is because even though these products are tested extensively, every person is different, and products can react differently on them.
  • Research about the products, it’s ingredients, and dosage.
  • Learn more about CBD, in general, to know how it works best.
  • Be sure about what problem you’re using it for, that’s the only way you’ll notice results.
  • Buy from a trusted source.

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