3 Interesting Facts About CBD That You Need to Know

Nowadays, everybody seems to be talking about CBD—CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD capsules, and so on. From bloggers to medical experts, everybody has been hyping up this mysterious new remedy. It’s also being added to all sorts of everyday products like teas, shampoos, drinks, and skincare products.

Naturally, we’ve all found ourselves wondering the same thing: what’s so special about CBD?

To answer this question, we went ahead and did some research, and here are some interesting facts we’ve dug up:

CBD Is Historic and Regal

Technically, CBD has been used as medicine for more than thousands of years now by ancient tribes and civilizations. But its recent journey to mainstream usage began about a century ago during the 1940s when it was discovered separately in the cannabis plant.

Once it was discovered though, it took another 20 years to isolate CBD from the other chemical compound in the plant.

And here’s the crazy bit! CBD has been used by royals—in fact, one of the most important royals of the time i.e. Queen Victoria! The queen used CBD for menstrual pain.

The bottom line is, if CBD was good enough for the Queen of England, it should be good enough for you—no questions asked.

CBD Is Psychoactive but Doesn’t Get You High

CBD isolate dropper bottle


A lot of people hear about CBD being psychoactive and run in the other direction. But here’s the thing—coffee is a psychoactive substance too, just saying.

Basically, the important thing to remember is that based on its effects, CBD is considered psychoactive, but not intoxicating. So, you will feel more relaxed and pain-free when you take CBD, but you won’t exactly be transported to utopia. You’ll still be you and it will have no mind-altering effects on you, instead, you may feel mood-altering effects.

CBD-Based Medication Exists

So, of cours,e every company that sells CBD is going to tell you that it works for different conditions, but it’s not the same thing as hearing it from health authorities, is it?

Well, the FDA in the US has approved a CBD-based spray to treat epilepsy. Thishowsow that the hype around CBD’s health benefitsisn’tt just marketing gimmicks. Its positive effects are backed by science to a certain degree.

There are also tons of clinical studies that show that CBD has neuroprotective properties and effects the endocannabinoid system in our body. The finding from this study could mean that CBD does have potential to be used for several health-related issues.

In general, using CBD yourself could give you’re a first-hand insight into its many benefits. But it is important to use premium quality CBD products to ensure a positive experience.

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