3 Brilliant Tips for CBD Beginners

Let’s be honest. With the growing popularity of CBD products, we’re all a bit curious about the hype surrounding them. Like why can’t people stop talking about it, right?

But as a first-time user, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. Because where do you even begin? Do you go with the popular CBD oil option? Or perhaps the cute little CBD asteroid gummies? Or maybe the CBD isolate droppers that look super legit and effective?

So, after having overcome all these CBD-related questions and hurdles through trial and error, we’ve put together a little guide for you so you can have an excellent CBD experience.

Tip No. 1: Always Read the Directions

If you’re thinking, what’s so brilliant about this tip—you’re one of the smarter folks out there. Because trust us, not everybody reads the directions. But labels are not something you should take lightly when taking CBD products.

A person taking CBD sublingually

Firstly, the directions will instruct you about the adequate dosage. Secondly, they’ll guide you on the best way to consume the product. For instance, if you decide to take CBD oil sublingually, you need to follow the directions and perhaps hold it under the tongue for 30 to 60 seconds for the effects to kick in. A lot of people just swallow the product and feel zero effects as a result and reach the conclusion that CBD doesn’t work for them.

Tip No. 2: Start Slow and Steady

When it comes to CBD, there is no one size fits all formula here. The label will give you a general dosage recommendation, but it may or may not work for you.

Ideally, you should always start slow. It’s okay to take too little and let your body and its systems adjust to it than overdoing it in the first go. It’s a whole trial and error process where you’ll eventually figure out how much CBD is the right amount for your condition.

If you’re just starting CBD, then take a small dose in the morning or evening and settle on a time that works for you. Keep a journal and start recording the dosage and how it makes you feel at a particular time. Slowly, you’d be able to ease yourself into a more consistent CBD routine that works best for you.

Tip No. 3: Don’t Take CBD Too Seriously

CBD isn’t really something that could get you high or alter your brain function so feel free to get a little creative with it. What we basically mean is that you can incorporate it into your life in many ways. For instance, you could add it to your morning beverage like tea or coffee for an energy boost.

Or you can use it while cooking. As a general rule of thumb, you can add CBD to any recipe except the ones that require you to cook on high heat. So ideally, consider adding it to your salad dressing or perhaps a smoothie!

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